Student Learning Expectations


Sacred Heart Students will...

1. Be committed to deepening their faith.

  • Pray daily
  • Celebrate Catholic traditions and Sacraments
  • Follow Catholic teachings and scriptures
  • Live as Jesus did

2. Develop a strong academic foundation.

  • Learn important skills and concepts required for each grade
  • Think critically and creatively to solve problems
  • Demonstrate responsibility, organization and a sense of pride in their accomplishments
  • Work to their full potentials

3. Become effective communicators.

  • Read, write, and speak with confidence and clarity
  • Listen well and respect opinions
  • Use technology appropriately

4. Respect themselves, those around them and God’s creation.

  • Be accountable for their actions
  • Appreciate individual differences
  • Stand up for what is right
  • Share their God-given gifts and embrace the talents of others
  • Make health-conscious choices

5. Work to promote peace and justice.

  • Respond to the call of service
  • Be aware and responsible citizens
  • Work together for common goals
  • Follow the PeaceBuilders™ Pledge